Company Staff

“Greek Water Airports” specializes is the leading company in the field of licensing and operating waterairports thanks to the man power which consists of the most experienced and effective professionals in the field of waterairports and seaplanes in Greece.

The presentation of our executives is in alphabetical order with their CV attached.

Tasos Govas has twenty five years experience in Aviation Industry. Since 2003 he activated in specialize fields for Licensing and Operating of "water airports" and seaplanes. In 2004 assumes Vice President and General Manager of the first Greek seaplane operator "Pegasus Aviation" as well as in the Hellenic- Canadian company "Airsealines" where Licensed and operated the twelve (12) first "water airports" in Greece (period 2004-2008).In 2010 Tasos Govas, participated, as an expert, in the legislative Committee established by the Ministries of Transport, Shipping and Tourism to draw up the Law on «water airports».

He was founding member and Secretary General of the Hellenic Air Carriers Association (HACA)

Stratos Vlaxakis is a graduate from the University of Pireus and was the manager of the Infrastructure and Equipment department for waterdromes in the Aegean at Airsealines company in Greece. He was also Technical Manager at a company that dealt with the repair of electronic equipment and has many years of experience in the field of security systems.

Rebeka Gova has been the Human Resources Manager at “Greek Water Airports” since the beginning of its operation. She has many years of experience in the organization of company computer systems and in staff training. She has been responsible for these positions in internationals companies as well as in Greek retail companies

Ms Drakopoulou is graduated of the Department of International and European Economic Studies at Athens University of Economics and Business. She has excellent knowledge in social media and how use it in marketing and advertising  promotion and digital economy. She posseses excellent organizational and communication skills which were honed while working in the financial department of the National Bank of Greece. Since October 2015 she has being studying for a postgraduate degree in the Management and Administration of Business and Organisations with a major in Strategic Management at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

With extensive and specialized pilot training at both, airplanes and seaplanes, George Nikolouzos is considered to be one of the most experienced executives in aviation.With studies at WEST AVIATION ACADEMY, Phoenix, ARIZONA, USA for the FAA Commercial Pilot and CFI and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

With full certification since 2006 of all the required courses of FAA, JAR, EU OPS & Implemented Rules. He has worked as a seaplane pilot for the Greek airline PEGASUS AVIATION.

He has also worked as Ground and Flight Instructor at BEL AIR INTERNATIONAL in California USA and as Pilot, Flight Dispatcher, Flight Safety Officer & Quality Auditor and Ground Operations Director for airlines in Greece and abroad.

Mark Lewin graduated from  Chelsea of Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering University in the United Kingdom with a degree Automotive and Aeronautical. He has 35 years of experience in aviation and training mechanics. As a certified aircraft mechanic (B1) with knowledge about various types of aircraft including the DeHaviland DH6-6 Twin Otter, he has gained a great deal of experience in aircraft maintenance through his cooperation with large aircraft companies and aircraft maintenance organisations throughout Europe. Futhermore, he was a seaplane technician based in Corfu’s waterdrome, working for the company Pegasus Aviation during the first period of Seaplane operation in Greece (2004-2009).

With his Canadian heritage of seaplane excellence, Constantin Tzembelicos has been actively engaged in the policy making and implementation of the seaplane initiatives in Greece.  Drawing on his aviation industry and leadership skills, Constantin Tzembelicos has been dynamically involved in all aspects of seaplane and water airport development from financial, technical and commercial viewpoints, bringing even more foreign talent to “Greek Water Airports S.A.”  Having graduated in 1994 as a Mechanical Engineer in Toronto Canada, Constantin Tzembelicos has applied his technical engineering skills as an aerodynamicist, stress engineer, and structural repair engineer before moving into the airline industry and holding titles as Chief Operating Officer, CAMO and PART-145 Maintenance Postholder, Security Manager, Safety Manager, and his most recent posting as General Manager of a European VIP business jet charter operator. He is also the founding member and senior partner of Element Aerospace Limited. 
He has worked for independent consultancy, has held a career at Bombardier Aerospace, and three commercial operators. Constantin Tzembelicos also holds a private pilot licence, two professional engineering licenses and is a trained aircraft accident investigator. In 2015, Constantin Tzembelicos has been appointed as International Ambassador for the Rolls Royce C3 council for civil engines.  He also teaches various courses both in universities and PART-147 training organizations including transport studies, aviation economics, aerodynamics, material sciences, security and safety.

Panagiotis Farmakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece within a family of entrepreneurs who had expertise in the industrial sector of metal packaging, based in Athens, Greece. Work experience in fields such as processing, commerce, sales and exports shaped his future. Following a BA in Finance and Auditing from Technological Educational Institute of Kalamata, Greece, Mr. Farmakis entered the field of real estate construction and brokerage, using his earnings and skills from previous business activities. Further work experience with brokerage firms helped provide all the necessary qualifications to accept a prestigious position in the sales department of Greece Sotheby`s International Realty in 2008. After improving Greece's top realty group position within the Greek real estate market, he was honored three years later with the chief administration position in the sales department till 2016. His key value to the current team at Water Airports lies in his in depth-knowledge of the Greek market and his ability to anticipate the opportunities of Water Airports in Greece's near future as well as his knowledge on servicing demanding clientele efficiently. From this position he will be responsible on VIP Transportation Services and Water Fields. He will cover the need of high net worth individuals to fly directly from any national or international airport within Greece to their private sea front villa or sea front hotel resort and vice versa.

       Dragonea 5 & G.Papavasileiou,
       ZIP 19003, Markopoulo, Greece
       Phone: 2111211416
       Fax: 2111211425



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