Seaplanes, which have been already tested for decades in many countries abroad (e.g. Canada, USA and Maldives) proved to be a reliable, extra transportation solution for island and coastal areas, as demonstrated by the recent example of Ionian Sea operations, in the last five years.
In some cases, especially during winter months, seaplanes may be the only transport option, in small and remote islands that do not feature a land aerodrome.
Seaplanes could be described as the ideal means of transport for an island country, with special geographic morphology, such as Greece. As the main seaplane features involve safety and flexibility, the following types of flights may be arranged: 

  • Regular Passenger Flights
  • Special Charter Passenger Flights
  • Sightseeing - Touring Flights
  • Cargo (medicines, foods, press, packages, etc.)
  • Medical
  • Rescue Flights
  • Fire Flights

 It is about a versatile and environmentally friendly means of transportation. Seaplanes coexist in harmony with ships, private yachts, fishing boats etc.

 “K2 SmartJets” company for services of seaplanes passengers will use Canadian Seaplanes such as DHC-6  “Twin Otter”. This type of seaplanes is considered as one of the best seaplanes in the world. DHC-6  “Twin Otter” is used in places where small, resistant seaplanes are required, due to their excellent operational characteristics and their conversion abilities, (i.e. from passenger to cargo, medevac, search and rescue), as well as due to their impressive reliability record. This seaplanes is twin-engine, suitable for the transportation of 19-passengers and this is very important because is the ideal choice for its operation in Greece.
"K2 SmartJets" company for the operation and maintenance of her seaplanes, will use experienced Canadian pilots and engineers who will be flanked by their Greek colleagues who have significant experience in the operation of seaplanes  in Greece.



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